About us: Polity History and International Relation

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If you want to have something which contains thorough analysis. If you want to read a topic in depth. Then do have a look at my website. It contains topics which need extensive research. This might help for students and also someone who wants to gather knowledge

We aim to decipher socio political issues and try to critically analyze it. Here we attempt to make the theory simpler which we usually find difficult in the newspaper.

So here we will talk about three subjects only Polity, History and International Relation.

Discussing Polity

Here we would discuss about the poltical issue which we get to know in the newspaper and various other media

Discussing History

This would help us to know the present . I would try to bring the unique topic that is not in the course book. We discuss about the unique topic here

Discussing International Relation:

In the present scenario, it is interesting to follow global politics so following the bilateral relation and various groupings. Its impact on India. We talk about such a topic.

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