Aryans: Indo-Aryan invasion, Dravidians, Indo- European

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Aryans were the Indo –European speaker who came from Iran and settled in India after the fall of Harrapan Civilisation. They established the Hindu culture which is still now applicable. The concept of Aryan came by the 19th century. They were believed that the light-skinned people from Central Asia who invaded the land. While following these there has been a debate about the origin of the Aryans. let’s find out

Indo Aryan Invasion Debate

The Aryans were the pastoral people from Central Asia who arrived in the Indian subcontinent by 2000 to 1500 BC who brought Indo European language after the thorough research by the scientists over 532 ancient humans it was concluded that South Asians have the ancestry of hunters of Iran and Southeast Asia. They mix with the population of North-West India where we found Indus Valley civilization.

The DNA sample of the skeleton that was in Rakhigarhi had aroused a new debate among the experts whether the migration theory actually prevailed which we have been told for so long. The researcher had collected sample from different parts of the world, then they match those sample with the skeleton of Rakhigarhi after the research it was concluded that there had been no traces of Iran as a source of ancestry. So it might defy the Iran migration theory but on the flip side, the argument is presented that (i) This skeleton is from Rakhigarhi which is the Harrapan site so its too early to declare that Iran migration did not happen. DNA test shows that the Rakhigarhi women did not possess R1N1 gene which is the Aryan gene. It is generally believed that Aryans were the immigrants from Iran who came to India in 1500 BC. Aryans are basically believed to be the tall fair complexion people of North India. It is their insight that shaped the culture of this nation.


They were the people who were present in the Indian subcontinent prior to the second millennium. They come from the family of Dravid language family which is unlike the Indo Aryan language. Dravidian language includes Malayalam, Tami, Kannada, Telugu, or Tulu. It is difficult to identify their origin. It is said they exist much before the Aryan invasion.

Aryan and the blonde connection

During the era of Nazi Germany. It was promoted that Aryans were fair and blonde other than that are evil and impure. It was done to prove the supremacy of their race . Hitler believed that the supremacy of the age is in danger from the Jews. Aryans were the nomadic people from Iran but they were also associated with the European origin.

Indo European

It is a branch of language that is extended from Europe to the various parts of South Asia. There are 2.6 billion people who come under this group making this as the widely spoken language. They are divided into several categories like Indo-IranianGermanicRomance, and Balto-Slavic.  Languages that come under this criteria are Spanish, English, Hindustani (Hindi/Urdu), Portuguese, Bengali, Punjabi and Russian.


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