India and China

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In this blog, I shall try to explain the relationship between India and China post-Galwan valley clash and will try to figure out its relationship with its past and clashes.

Galwan valley clash

There was a tragic incident took place where 20 brave hearts from our side lose their lives in the combat. This tragic episode rifts apart the relationship to the next level. This leads to suspicion also each one is coming with their own side of the story. India claimed China invaded their land while China maintained that it is their territory so they are right on their part.Galwan valley which is situated on the side of Ladakh is closer to the Aksai Chin. The Galwan River originates from the east of Samzunglingon the eastern side of Karakoram Range and flows west to join.


Whatever the reason might ignite this tragedy but each side has their own version of justifying what happened and playing the card accordingly. China says that it was Indian who tried to demolish infrastructure that Indian had made on the Chinese side of the LAC. India is trying to construct a road from Darbuk –Shyok Village to Daulat Beg Oldi Road. This road runs along the Shyok river and is the most critical line of communication close to LAC.

Strategic Importance

The Galwan valley is connected with the Shyok on the road under construction. It lies between DBO and Chusul and south near Pangong Tso. Controlling the ridgeline across the valley is very crucial. It allows dominating the road. If we see on the east side one van get close to Aksai Chin plateau from where Xinaing Tibet highway passes. Controlling the ridgeline across the valley is very crucial. It allows dominating the road. If we see on the east side one van get close to Aksai Chin plateau from where Xinaing Tibet highway passes.

Past conflicts

1962 war:

This was the fight that happened after India got independence. Nehru being the PM of the independent country tried to establish the relation with the neighbour with whom we had trade relations in past. The conflict broke out between China and India on the issue of Tibet.

Doklam Standoff

Doklam is an area which is spread across over less than 100 sq km which comprises plateau and valley. It is situated at the tri juncture of the three nations. It is surrounded by the Chumbi valley of Tibet, Bhutan’s ha Valley and Sikkim. India and Tibet’s trade flourishes along with Siliguri corridor. Chumbi valley Doklam has very little value. So when China was building the road , India was suspicion of their move as they would make the road in the area of Bhutan. If it was successful it would target the chicken neck corridor using which China could cut off India from the mainland. In the North-East instances of China was found in igniting the separatist protest.

Trade with china

Since two are largely populated region, so the trade would impact the lives and economy. Let’s see here is a trade deficit between the two nations. India imports 14% of the Chinese while India exports only 5%. China exports electrical appliances power plant, imports fertilisers auto components finished steel product pharmaceutical ingredients chemical and plastics and engineering goods to India. Many companies in India such a Big Basket, Adani Global Ltd, Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd had  Chinese investment FDI from China come to metallurgical industries renewable energy ( solar panel) electrical equipment automotive and chemical.

China and its realtion with the other neighbours

With the introduction of Belt and Road initiative China had heavily invested in the region so much so that one region might give away the strategic important location as we saw in the case of Hambantota and Maldives and Gwadar port. China had wooed India to join but India refuses it. This is the mega plan by China to expand its economic plan and aggressive investment. China is slowly taking away all the neighbour to their side


At last, I would like to say about few things in respect to China and India relation. Nowadays both nations are engaging in the diplomatic and military levels. However, I am not an expert just trying to express what I feel like so here it is first  We need to identify what actually gave them the edge to do so. Is it done by planning? To get the answer to the question we could all remember about Belt and Road initiative and they had wooed them with investment and gain their trust. This trend had compromised India’s national security. They have invested in the region and when the country could not pay it back they ask for its strategic location which puts India at risk. Second The different perception theory is pushed by India which had backfired. We immediately need to set our border. Had the borders be defined this thigs won’t happen. What we need to do is to engage and earn the trust of the neighbours that are adjacent to our country. We need to reinvent SAARC. We must actively engage with BIMSTEC nations. In a nutshell, I would say we should compete with China in terms of earning trust. I hope India can do it maturely because it is a democracy. Also, all the grievances of the neighbours, if they were ignored, should be addressed immediately,two%20sides%20on%20June%206.


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