Poverty: Definition Causes Effects world hunger poverty line

Poverty: Definition Causes Effects world hunger poverty line

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As United Nation suggests “Poverty entails more than the lack of income and production resources to ensure sustainable livelihoods.

 Its manipulation includes hunger and malnutrition limited access to education and other basic services, social decimation and exclusion as wells the lack of participation in decision making.

 In 2015 more than 736 million people lived below the international poverty line.

Around 10 per cent of the world population is living in extreme poverty and struggling to fulfill the basic needs like health, education and access to water sanitation to name a few.

 There are 122 women aged to 25 to 34 living in poverty for every 100 men of the same age group and more than 160 million children at risk of continuing to live in extreme poverty by 2030.”


The poverty can be defined as a situation where a person is unable to fulfill one’s daily requirement such as food, shelter, education, medical facilities etc.

Causes of Poverty

Inequality and Marginalization:  The discriminatory environment provides the instrument for cornering a sect from development which results in the killing of opportunity to learn and develop.

 Every year there are people who are deprived from the basic facilities and thus pushing them to more vulnerable extent.

Conflict: The conflict in the area closes the economic activity, it shuts all the business all of sudden.

People are force to move from their land and have to start everything from zero.

Cutting off from the shelter they become poor.

Hunger: Poverty causes hunger is the cliché term.

The lack of proper calories in the body does make the person weak.

This led to lack of energy which one needs to do work and makes people poorer.

Poor Healthcare System: Every year lakhs of people are denied from the basic medical facilities.

 People are forced to spend their savings; they even sell their property in case of medical emergency.

They move from the village to city in order to get the basic treatment.

Lack of Education: In the society the lack of basic education deprives the people to pursue their dream careers.

 The lack of basic education and training are unable to create a skilled labor and they are unable to get employed.

Lack of Infrastructure: In any economy infrastructure is the basic foundation of its development.

 If one has to say a place is developed or not one needs to have a look over its infrastructure.

 The good infrastructure attracts schools, colleges, offices to be established.

This ensures connectivity which is essential for any economic activity. The lack of infrastructure deprives the place from its basic development which one place aspires for.

Lack of Jobs: Jobs provide money with which one can fulfill the entire essential requirement to survive.

The people demand jobs in order to have better life.

Job ensures the financial security and also it increases the respect in the society.

Poverty in India

The percent of the population living below poverty line depressed to 22 % in 2011 -12 from 37% in 2004-05 according to the data released by Planning Commission.

The current methodology for calculating poverty is based on the recommendation by the Tendulkar Committee.

Poverty Alleviation Programme

MNREGA: This aims at giving livelihood security to the people in the rural India by guaranteeing those 100 days of wage employment in a financial year. They provide job for the unskilled job.

Age Old Pension: The scheme is for the poor old person who is above 60 years of age and is not the beneficiary of any other welfare scheme. The purpose of this is to give financial assistance to the neglected section of the society.

National Family Benefit Scheme:  The scheme provides an aggregate amount of Rs 20000 to the bereaved household in case of death of the primary breadwinner irrespective of the cause of the death. The scheme is eligible for the person in the age group of 18 to 64.

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