QUAD: Quadrilateral Security Dialogue

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Quadrilateral Security dialogue was created by India, Japan, Australia, and the USA to counter the adventurism of China on the South China Sea and to ensure security and navigational rights to Indo- Pacific Ocean. Here in this blog, I would try to explain Quad, its background, the role of Indo Pacific, its resurrection, and its influence on maritime security and geopolitics.


  • The idea of Quad was pioneered by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He had envisaged the idea of the “Arc of Freedom and Prosperity in 2006. It basically talks about Japanese diplomatic efforts to promote freedom and rule of law.
  • The quad consists of the USA, India, Japan, and Australia. It was called a Tsunami Core Group as a reaction to the devastating Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004.
  • The first meeting of Quad was held in May 2007 where the countries had united for ASEAN Regional Forum in Manila. Quad 1.0 witnessed the US-India Malabar Exercise.
  • The several compulsions in domestic politics led to the closure of Quad.
  • Prime Minister Abe had resigned in September 2007. The main architect of the Quad was gone.
  •  After getting influenced by China and following the election in 2007 Rudd government in Australia back off from this deal as this does not cater to the strategic interest.
  • In India, the Manmohan Singh government had to face protest over the joint exercise with the USA in Malabar and US-India Civil Nuclear Deal.

Resurrection of Quad

In 2012 to ensure the security of the Indian Ocean to the western  Pacific Ocean. He envisaged a strategy along with Australia India Japan the US state of Hawaii. This was Democratic Security Diamond. It is named because if we connect these it looks like a diamond. After series of bilateral and trilateral meetings over the maritime security and freedom of navigation in the South China Sea amongst the previous Quad members India, Japan, and Australia, the Quad was once again resurrected in 2017 a decade later of its collapse. The revival of Quad was done by Donald Trump in 2017 against the backdrop of the Indo Pacific region 2017 APEC Leader’s Summit in Vietnam.

Importance of Pacific Ocean in Quad

It is a major contribution to the world economy. It has low-cost sea transportation between East and West, extensive fishing ground, It contains offshore oil and gas field, Also we can find sand and gravel for the construction of industry. In 1996 over 60%of the world’s first catch came from the Pacific Ocean, exploitation of offshore and gas is playing. There have been reports of high-risk piracy and armed robbery against ships in the South China Sea.

The South China Sea connects the Indian and the Pacific oceans on the east and west side respectively. The quad was formed in order to counter the bully of China and to ensure free navigation to all the players of the region. After the revival of Quad 2.0, there have been cordial relations among the players. India had hosted the first Counterterrorism tabletop exercise in Delhi.

But while we only focus on the big players we tend to ignore other ASEAN members who also have a stake in the Pacific Ocean. So in terms of players, it is expanded to the US, Japan, Australia, South Korea, and the other ASEAN countries. Certainly with the new President in the USA and the resignation of Shinzo Abe. We need to see how the future of the Quad rolls out. Quad is required to ensure maritime security and also it ensures national security. All the players agreed to join hands so that they can fight the bully who tries to influence geopolitics. With the recent manipulation by China, it is indeed necessary to keep promote such an alliance.







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  1. A nice geo- political analysis.
    Importance of Wuad alliances should be analyzed from the view point of India and other Asian countries as China has already come out with Strng of Pearls

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