Why opposition is necessary for Democracy?

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Democracy is a widely and largely acceptable form of government. This is the form of government where it is expected to listen to the grievances of the people. Here the state is bound to take care of human rights and do have to respect if one disagrees. Democracy can survive if there would have a different point of view.

But this democracy was not very easily achievable thing; there were much bloodshed that had contributed to the formation of the democratic government.

If we consider democracy to be only the voice of majority then that is the wrong interpretation and we might end up killing democracy. Democracy persist when the opposing minority is also heard and given as much as importance to majority.

It is very important to take all the stakeholders under the consensus in achieving the desired result. This would be hugely beneficial to people at large.

The opposition is the presenter of the opposite point of view. It is very necessary because it is they who can vocally ask, differ, and bring the government into the public domain and ask for their transparency. It is also required to bring the people’s issues to the table. Otherwise unopposed they would probably bring the draconian rule and we might slip into dictatorship.

This is actually the watchdog of the democracy. WE need opposition to show the flip side of the coin too. Absent of opposition will be dangerous to the government.

So we must have a very vocal and bold opposition who counter the government on facts and logic. Also to mention the good opposition gives competition and hence we can find that pressurize the government to give good governance.

Opposition can also emerge as an option to the people’s mind and they have the liberty to switch to other if not satisfied by the service of the government.

The need for Leader of Opposition

British Parliament refers to the leader of the opposition as a shadow Prime Minister. It is the alternative government and the leader of the opposition is the alternative Prime Minister.

If the government loses the confidence then the leader of opposition with his team comes as a ready alternative. So in case the government loses confidence. President might approach the him to make the government until there is the time of next election.

The post of leader of the opposition on the house of parliament is a statutory post. The post is defined in the Salaries allowances of Leader of opposition in Parliament Act 1971.

This act extends to the Leader of Opposition in The Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha the same official status, allowances and perks that are admissible to the cabinet minister.

The eligibility of becoming Leader of Opposition is to able to get 10% of the seats of Lok Sabha.

Officially  leader of opposition was first time recognize during the era of Indira Gandhi in 1969.Untill 1977 there were no perk attach to it.


Power corrupts and Absolute power corrupts more. In a democracy even if one is elected there should someone that does constantly monitor it. Otherwise, the popular government might get into the rule of mob.

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